Standing forward roll

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Recommended prerequisites: kneeling forward roll

Description: This is an intermediary between the kneeling forward roll and any other kind of roll you might want to do that involves having more momentum from a standing position.

Slide by slide breakdown

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

Stand up. Mild flex in the joints. Get ready to rumble.

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

Bend forward and reach to a spot on the ground ahead of your body. Don't go in between your legs. Don't dive bomb your head into the ground. Lean forward and reach forward. See my arms? They're forward. Go forward.

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

If you want to slowly transition from a kneeling roll to a standing roll, I'd start in the position above. Get into a bear crawl position and solidify your hands. Gradually transition into moving into it seamlessly from a standing position. Either way, you're going to end up here.

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

Transition your weight onto your hands as you lower your head closer to the ground. This is where any sort of handstand or planche strength can be useful. The stronger you are with either of those, the more control you'll have here.

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

From the previous slide, it's about tucking the knees and tucking the chin — the general recipe for roll goodness.

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

Chin tucked, knees tucked, momentum going forward. The only thing my body can possible do from this position is roll onto my upper back and carry it through into a squat. As with most tricks and tumbles, the takeoff or start sets up for success at the end.

Standing Forward Roll by Anthony Mychal

And at this point, you're basically looking at an exact replica of the kneeling forward roll. Revisit that if you want to brush up on how to finish things out.

Recap cues:

  • Keep most of your weight on your hands
  • Tuck your chin to your chest
  • Keep the knees tucked close and compact


Unsure or uneasy about it? Start in the bear crawl position. Take your head down close to the ground before starting the roll.

Feeling weight on your neck? Since your arms are in contact for the first part of the move, I’d say you might lack the strength to support your weight with your arms. Strength training might be what the doctor ordered.

Unraveling too soon and landing on your back? Stay compact. Keep your knees tucked into your chest after you tip your momentum forward.

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