Backwards roll

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Recommended prerequisites: back shoulder roll

Description: I was tough on you with the back shoulder roll because it's pretty easy. The backwards roll is still easy, but it brings the neck into the trick. And necks bring about the scare. Don't worry. It's easy, and I know you can handle it.

Slide by slide breakdown

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

Just like the back shoulder roll, start on your butt with your momentum forward.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

You can also do it from a standing position if you want to. Unlike the forward rolls though, it usually isn't all that much tougher to handle the added momentum because you don't get as much by nature of having to squat down instead of being able to recklessly throw yourself forward.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

Should be similar here, only you aren't going to lead with a shoulder. You're going straight back, baby.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

Because you're going straight back, prepare the landing gear. Get your hands flipped up and by your head, exactly like you would in a kip-up. You're going to be using them to support your weight, so make sure your wrists are warm and ready.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

Stay tightly tucked. This helps preserve a slight curve in the spine, which makes rolling easier. You might want to practice flipping your hands around into position quickly, as it does require a bit of mobility and you don't have much time to get them where they need to be.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

We want our body to carry up over our head, so we need to bring our knees up over our head. Hands are in position to be able to do that. As your momentum rocks back, take most of your weight on your hands an kick your legs up over your body.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

In the slide above, most of my weight is on my upper back. As my legs carry it closer to my head, I'm shifting weight onto my hands. As you do this, keep your chin tucked to your chest.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

Some shoulder and arm strength helps here. When the weight gets on your hands, push your body into the air giving your head some clearance to loop through.

Backwards Roll by Anthony Mychal

Depending on how high you push yourself, you can land anywhere from on your knees to in a bear crawl position.

Recap cues:

  • Get your wrist turned quickly.
  • Get your weight to your hands.
  • Push to give your head room to move.


Can't turn your wrists? Work on the position itself by wiggling into it as described in the kip-up. Once in position, search for your tight spots and try to get the entire palm of your hand on the ground overtime.

Weight on your neck? Get your wrists turned quick and press against the ground immediately once you get them there.

Your next conquest:

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