Use this simple training trick to build a better upper chest

Flat bench press is popular. Macho. Compare penis size. How much ya bench? But popular doesn’t mean effective…or most effective

The illusory effect says: the more we see, the more we believe what we see is True…even if it isn’t.

The flat bench press is popular because of powerlifting.

For clarity’s sake…

Powerlifting: a sport where athletes compete in the (a) bench press, (b) squat, and (c) deadlift to see who can lift the most weight across all three lifts.

Are you powerlifter?

If not…

Why are you flat benching? Or bench pressing at all? For aesthetics?

Most dudes want (and lack) upper boobies.

The angle of press relative to torso changes chest activation. Consider a press at 90 degrees relative to torso (perpendicular) to be tare.

press angle upper chest muscle activation

Go above 90 degrees, you’re more upper chest…for a bit. But then you reach point where shoulders take most load. Go below 90 degrees, you’re more lower chest.

People get confused…

Flat bench press with back arch (common technique) is NOT pressing at 90 degrees. More like pressing below 90 degrees, which shifts emphasis to lower boobies.

bench press angle upper chest

Most dudes want (and lack) upper boobies. So why flat bench press?

Stop comparing penis size. Swallow ego. Stop all flat benching.

Unnecessary and counter productive.

Instead, do incline presses. Best angle for upper boobies is thirty degrees. Higher is okay, but will be more shoulders.

Don’t arch lower back too much. Try keeping neutral spine.

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to subtract whatever is contributing to the problem.