Skinny-Fat Secrets, The Free Learning Course

Your body belongs to a menopausal woman, not a strapping young lad: the string bean arms, the sunken upper chest, the dilapidated deltoids, the cheerio sized wrists, and the propensity to sew satchels of fat around the waistline…but there's hope.

When I was in 9th grade, a chick told me I had girl boobs. I know what you're going through (that's me in the picture). I know skinny-fat syndrome. Breaking free is a complicating issue, as I'm sure you know. But what you probably don't know is most of the programs and philosophies out there not specifically designed for skinny-fat sufferer are sabotaging your quest to break free.

Tired of living out of proportion? With flabby wide hips and narrow undermuscled shoulders? Tired of getting picked on? (Or scarred from being picked on in the past?) Had enough of being called “skinny” and “lanky,” but feeling puffy and fat. (This is honestly what ate at me the most.)

Let me help you…for free. I want to see you break free from skinny-fat syndrome, and that's why I created this free learning course that will teach you the basics of lifestyle baggage, building an “X” physique, and surmounting stubborn body fat. Sign-up below.

And just so we're clear, this is an email course. And, yes, this means you will be getting mind blowing emails from me until the course ends. So don't sign-up unless you're prepared to see skinny-fat stabbing information in your inbox (for free, I might add). But if you decide against the course after signing up, it's super easy to opt-out. No pressure.