Legal Shenanigans

Uncopyright, Creative Commons, Disclaimer, Disclosure

As informative and ass-covering as long legal exposes are, the reality is that no one reads them. This is my attempt to make a genuine human connection, while simultaneously explaining the “rules” of this place so that you can’t sue me or make millions of dollars off of my content while I slum it out on the street corner. I hope my honest intentions don’t come back to chew me a new asshole.

My first rule is that you cannot sue me for putting to us any of the content (or content I like to). You take action yourself, and you assume your own risks. We’ll get into more of this later though.

My second rule is that you can use my stuff, but you can’t steal my stuff. Again, we’ll get to this.


My words are ultimately a combination of words I’ve heard from others. If I say something that lights a fire within you, and you want to tell others (or formulate your own ideas on top of my idea), you have every right to do so. The content here is uncopyrighted insofar as you’re free to use any information you see here, provided you include a link back to

We need to share ideas, not steal ideas. If I make a screwdriver, and you think you can make that screw driver better, you have every right to give it a go. Let’s all learn together, but let’s all be respectful of each other’s ideas.

So if you want to link, share, or distribute my stuff, you have the green light provided you give the appropriate reference.

Creative Commons

I try to reciprocate my feelings above by referencing information I use from different resources. Alas, I am human. My mind just kind of goes. There have been many things I’ve written about that, I’ve been told, have been expanded on or mention in a certain book (or website).

If I have violated any copyright terms, I did so unintentionally. Please get in contact with me and I’ll get the issue sorted out.


If you enter your email into my website, it’s for my use only. Your email will never be traded, bought, sold, or any of that garbage. I hate it when I get random emails from people, and I’d never let that happen to you from my end.

If you email me, your “story” is subject to be told on my website as a means of content. Your name (or any pictures), however, won’t be used unless permission is gathered.

The exception to this: threatening, abusing, and generally “dickish” emails are subject to public humiliation. Yes, this means I also might give out your email address. Ask yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze before sending.


I write about lifting heavy things, jumping around like a maniac, and other acrobatic-athletic pursuits. Upon entering this website, you waive any right to take legal action against me from putting into action things that I write about. In other words: you can’t sue me. For any reason. Direct damages, indirect damages, intestinal spillage, eye liquid leakage, anything. Not only physical, but also mental, social, personal, entrepreneurial, or anything else. By being here, you accept your own risk and do not put Anthony Mychal (or any linked content) at fault for any mishap that might occur, or any resultant damages.


This website doesn’t have ads, so I make up for the money in other ways. Sometimes I link to products that, when clicked through, make me money. Sometimes I’ll visit other bloggers. Sometimes people buy me lunch. Sometimes I buy people lunch. Sometimes people send me clothing and I wear it. Sometimes I get other schwag and I promote it.

Basically, I have to say that I’m potentially involved in some sub-dermal way with any content I post. So just assume I’m making millions of dollars and every word I post makes me money (even though it doesn’t). That way, you’ll never be fooled.