Ohhh boy. This is awkward. You shouldn’t be here.

It’s like going on vacation with another family for a week, and, on day three, your bowels override the Jedi mind tricks you’ve been using to cease all awkward social habits.

You scurry into the bathroom located two inches from the family room. You try controlling the rage in your guts, knowing thin dry wall is the only thing separating you from a group of people you barely know.

Just as you think you have the situation under control, Boromir might as well have rung the Horn of Gondor.

I told you not to click the red link, yet here you are.


You still here? I haven’t scared you away yet? Alright. You’re in luck. I prepared for the occasion because — confession time! — I knew you were going to click the red link.

You're a unique flower, but you're human. And us humans have a base software that predisposes us to certain thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, etc.

YaAaAAAWWWnn. YaAaAAAWWWnn.YaAaAAAWWWnn.Yawn.yyyYawn.anYawn.Yawn.yyYawn.Yawn.nnnnnnnn.

yawn loophole anthony mychal

See what I mean? You yawned. Because you're human. Just like you clicked what I told you not to click.

You can use similar principles to hijack your body and make it almost inevitable that you’ll look better, move better, and feel better. Same ones I used as a skinny-fat nerd to build an athletic “x” shaped physique.

You know, a body with broad shoulders and a wide back that funnels into a narrower waist. It was the opposite frame of my skinny-fat body, which was just what the doctor ordered after I was told (by a girl, nonetheless), that I had girl boobs.

I’m a guy, by the way. Just making sure we’re on the same page here, so you understand why my ego went <lol> long ago and never fully recovered.

Wait. What? This isn’t therapy? Fiddle sticks. Alright. Hmmm? What’s that? This is electronic writing? And I can go back and delete what I just typed? But then how would I portray my steadily declining mental health?

Want to know what fitness is all about when you get rid of the marketing fluff and stuff? It's the process of influencing the decisions your body makes about itself. That's all.

And if you know how your body thinks, you'll have an easier time getting what you want…(or getting rid of what you don't want).

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