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D1. Training splits

A lot of shit is shat over training splits.

Thanks to bodybuilding magazines, most people enter strength training with a body part split training mindset. We think training should look like this: train chest on Monday, train legs on Tuesday, train arms on Wednesday, et cetera…

Starting Strength is culture shock because it's a fuller body training program.

Consider a “full body” program to be when all four major patterns are trained in one session.

But also know that this categorization is nothing but semantics.

Say you do deadlifts and parallel bar dips in one training session. Deadlifts stress all major muscle groups in the thighs. They also stress the entire back musculature and the forearms. Parallel bar dips hit the shoulders, chest, and triceps.

By doing deadlifts and dips, you train just about your entire body. Yet this isn't considered a “full body” program…?

There’s no universal law that says a full body program must consist of x, y, and z, much less that x, y, and z (done sequentially) delivers some kind of magical benefit. A full body program is only a full body program because we create a “full body” category and shove things in there.

It holds no bearing on the effectiveness of a training session, nor does it really define (ironically enough) training the entire body.

There is evidence out there that total body training (whatever that means to you at this point, because I’m as lost as you are) releases more anabolic hormones, which increases potential for muscle growth, fat burning, and all of that wonderful stuff we’re aiming for.

But this shouldn’t be groundbreaking. The more the entire organism is trained, the more powerful of an effect it has on the entire organism. Alright, Captain Obvious. Good job. Way to go.

And this is what training splits are all about: managing the stress brought on by training.

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