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It is.

In fact, I probably shouldn't even do push-ups.

But there are choices to make.

I can adapt push-ups to make them easier on my wrist. Maybe do them on my fists. Maybe do them with my wrists turned out.

But here's the deal:

If I get injured during push-ups, I assume the responsibility. I assess the risk. And I know push-ups are relatively low risk even though I don't have good wrist mobility.

Handstands? Higher risk. Which is why I don't really do them. And, when you consider how trbl my wrist mobility is, I probably wouldn't be very good at them anyway.

Because at the top of the handstand, your wrist makes a 90 degree angle and you need to be able to produce force with your wrist in that position. I can't.

Push-ups are easier because your legs are there to help stabilize and your wrists don't need to do as much.

So there are choices to make. You can gnarl into a ball of perpetual worry if you halt all training until you are cleared for takeoff…

…there's so much to worry about!

Just the big things, for me. For now, at least. I don't ignore my problems. I work on them. But I choose what I can do with less risk. Hammer that into the ground.

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Trying to lose fat, build muscle, and build a body you’re proud of?

Maybe you’re a little lost right now.

Maybe you don’t have much motivation.

Maybe you don’t what program or diet to use.

I don’t know…

But what I do know is this:

Everything you need is inside of you.

You’re capable of more than know.

You just have to open your eyes.

My weekly column can help.

Just a small little honest note from me sent every Sunday.

Unless I’m hungover.

And then it comes Monday.

What I’m trying to say is that it’ll come Monday.

(These weekly columns don’t get posted to the site.)

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