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If you’re held back by knowledge, go learn.

Scour the web (good luck). Read an encyclopedia (lol). Pay someone to show you the way. Buy Zero to Barbell or Big Win Fat Loss or The Skinny-Fat Solution or The Chaos Bulk or B3W. Whatever. I don’t care.

The good news is that, for now, it doesn’t matter if you’re selecting bass ackwards behaviors that make no sense.

Meaning if your goal is fat loss and your behavior list looks like this

  • Eliminate all carbohydrates
  • Avoid fatty foods
  • Go jogging every day

then it works for the sake of continuing the conversation, even though it doesn’t work for the sake of actually achieving your fat loss goal(s).

the important part is having ANY sort of behavior list because this creates the crux:

You have an idea of what you need to do (regardless of whether its a good idea of a bad idea), but you’re struggling to Do Work and Get Shit Done.

You don’t want to eat the chocolate bar, but you do anyways. You know you shouldn’t watch House of Cards all weekend and skip your training sessions, but you do anyways.

The problem isn’t knowledge, the problem is action.

This, my friends, is Shit Creek.

And you’re stuck.

Without a paddle.

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Trying to lose fat, build muscle, and build a body you’re proud of?

Maybe you’re a little lost right now.

Maybe you don’t have much motivation.

Maybe you don’t what program or diet to use.

I don’t know…

But what I do know is this:

Everything you need is inside of you.

You’re capable of more than know.

You just have to open your eyes.

My weekly column can help.

Just a small little honest note from me sent every Sunday.

Unless I’m hungover.

And then it comes Monday.

What I’m trying to say is that it’ll come Monday.

(These weekly columns don’t get posted to the site.)

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