Body Fat Images for Comparison

Note: I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me with this. I shot out a blast via Twitter and Facebook to save me some extra work. Many people answered the call, and I'm honored and humbled.  I think this is, in fact, more insightful too. Instead of underwear models posing, you get a glimpse of the same person at different body fat levels, and varying muscularity levels at different body fat levels. Also take note that these are estimations. Most of them have a range, and that's because they're estimates.


For the men:

Above picture compliments of Eric from Trubody Fitness.

Above picture compliments of Dr. Spencer Nadolsky of

Above picture compliments of Greg from

Above picture compliments of Dan from The Wallen Way.

Above picture compliments of Dan from The Wallen Way.

For the women:

Getting women to give you pictures is tough. I just wanted to say thanks to Tanis Parenteau for providing all of the pictures below. I thought it would be beneficial to only use one person here because she has different shots in different lighting. Lighting is a critical part in all of this. It can accent grooves and curves. Check it out. Again, just estimates!

To see more of Tanis's incredible transformation and to learn more about her, check out her website:






Below are pictures compliments of Georgie Fear of  Ask Georgie. She's estimated around 15-17% in the pictures below. The main difference in lighting.

Chaos Bulk Body Fat

Chaos Bulk Georgie