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Metal Monday – Odium

In 2009, an underground band named Odium created a gem of a song called Serenity’s End.  This find could be my greatest one dating back to my first Metal Monday.  Ironically enough, I found it by accidentally typing the wrong information in the search box.


A few months ago, I protested my love for a solid screaming voice and a calming vocal presence.  That’s exactly what Odium brings in this song, in addition to deep drumming and an electrifying chorus.  Perhaps all there is to say about this song and band is encompassed by a post a YouTube user made:

Amazing band, it’s a shame that not very many people have heard of them / beccamacey1

Epic Moments:

(0:00) – Holy opening scream

(0:44) – Calming chorus.

Song Rating : 9.4 /10

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Metal Monday – Fail Emotions

Last week I mentioned that I’m slowly crawling out of my funk, something I have to credit to a surge of techno-metal bands.  To pay tribute, I’m picking Fail Emotions and their song, Makes Bad.  It mixes good screaming and double bass into it’s overall techno feel.


I’m not a big fan of the autotuned voice, and I’m hoping their next CD will feature clearer vocals.  But this band is very reminiscint of Blood Stained Child, which is enough to keep a smile on my face.  Check out some other good songs like Satellites, Suit & Tie, and Transformation Part 2.

Epic Moments:

(0:25)  - Love the opening synths, screams, and vocals.

(2:28) –  Sweet double bass

(3:03) – Breakdown with the techno and guitar riffs

Song Rating : 8.6 /10


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Metal Monday – Chaos Beyond

I was going through a small dry spell finding good music, but I think it’s finally over.  For this week, I chose an upcoming band called Chaos Beyond.  They have some solid transitions from singing to screaming.  Room for improvement, but a good vibe all around.


Specifically, I wanted to highlight Crawling in the Dark.  Can’t go wrong with a strong vocalist, and this song highlights one in addition to a strong drumming performance.  I’ve wondered how some bands have explosive drums, and other have straight garage sounding drums.  The extra time and effort in the recording studio needs to be praised.

The only real negative I can muster is a lack of solos.  Perhaps an accapella verse or two, and a drum or guitar solo — something to diversify them.

Epic Moments:

(0:00) – Drums, screaming, singing

(2:08) – Simple and smooth breakdown

(3:17) – Drums

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Metal Monday – The Artifact

So I’ve noticed that my Metal Monday’s have been kicked back as of late.  It’s about time to get back into some heavier screaming and I think The Artifact can take care of that with Color (Part 2).


I love the song because it takes me back to All That Remains, specifically the Fall of Ideals album.  Loving the open screams and growls and smooth transitions into clean vocals.

I do have one major beef, however, and that’s because the song is only two minutes and thirty seconds.  Enjoy it while it lasts.  And you’re welcome.

Song Rating: 8.5 / 10

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Metal Monday – Disarmonia Mundi Featuring Christian Älvestam

Disarmonia Mundi is the ultimate underground band.  They rightfully sit in my top five, and considering they started out as nobody’s, it makes it that much sweeter.  Interestingly enough, they have never performed live (lack of band members) and gained listeners via a website and CD releases.

I’m going to highlight A Ringside Seat to Human Tragedy, which features Christian Älvestam.  It was released as a bonus track to Mind Tricks (also check out Fragments of D-Generation and The Isolation Game).


Disarmonia alone is reason enough to be excited, but considering they snagged Christian, who is my favorite metal vocalist, makes it even better.  If the two collaborated more in the future, I might just keel over.  It could be a smash supergroup, reminiscient of the one with Bjorn Strid of Soilwork.


Song Rating: 9.5 / 10


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Metal Monday – Lord of the Lost

My search for underground music has slowed down.  Perhaps that’s why I was so glad to find Lord of the Lost, specifically Prison.  But, let’s face it.  I’m a piano guy, and this band knows how to move their fingers to touch my heart.


Lord of the Lost is a clash between H.I.M. and Before the Dawn.  Their brilliance isn’t because of intricate instrumentals or violent vocals.  Just rhythmic drumming, light singing, and a delicate piano to soothe the soul.  A testament to keeping it simple.

If you’re like me and are half asleep on the way to work, this song has to be added to your “Morning Car Ride of Doom Playlist”.  You’ll probably want to throw Antagony on there to be safe.




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Metal Monday – Sunless Rise, The Bunny The Bear

In celebration of the holiday weekend and me being a day late on submitting this week’s Metal Monday, get ready for a double feature that touches on both ends of my music spectrum.

I’m going to start with the heavier chaotic-melodic band, Sunless Rise.  They put insane instrumentals into each song and I am a huge fan.  I want to highlight the song, Nothing to Save, because I enjoy the upbeat melody and rhythm that combines with the drums (constantly on double tap), the keyboards (brilliant), and the guitar riffs (awesome).


There is both low and high pitch screaming and the entire song sounds opera-like.  Some people get turned off by the complexity of this band.  It’s a non-stop, up-tempo metalocracy.  Other great songs can be found on their Promo CD (Lost Path, Sunless Rise, Awakening).

The vocals shine at the right time, but they can be muddled at times making it difficult to appreciate the lyrics.  I wouldn’t be adverse to a cleaner chorus and perhaps some slow breakdowns to give the mind a break from the constant ear explosive nature of the music.

Epic Moments:

(start – finish)  Yeah, I went there.

Song Rating : 9.3 /10

Instrumental Rating : 10 / 10


Switching directions, I want to highlight a band that I found uniquely addictive – The Bunny The Bear. They might not classify as metal and could pass as progressive, emo, or trance metal.  But I don’t like to get caught up genres, I like to get caught up in music.

The track that I like the most is titled Ocean Floor.  What’s interesting about this band is that their name is a reflection of their vocals – light and clean switching with heavy and growls.  I know this band isn’t exactly in suit with what I post and I’m not sure why I’m drawn to them.  It could be the contrasting vocals, keyboard and synths mixtures, or their spontaneous nature.


I always encourage listening to a song more than once before breaking out the ax, but with The Bunny The Bear it’s going to be hit or miss.  Still, give each song a chance.  One might grab your attention.

Epic Moments:

(0:00 – 0:56)  The techno based synths with the clean vocals

(2:20) Breakdown that flows back into the chorus

Song Rating – 8.6 / 10


Metal Monday – Tepetricy

Another great underground band with some diversity is Tepetricy, and they do it with their creativity.  Neither the screaming nor the double bass is attracting in Challenger, but I like how the voice and lyrics are just different.  Kind of sounds like the vocals were recorded and before the rest of the song was created and adjusted around the oddities.


The song was one of those first listen eyebrow raisers.  But everything fell in place eventually.  To me, it’s like a journalist perfecting a run on sentence.  Sure, it’s not grammatically correct, but they can bend the rules to make it sound just right.

If you think it lacks symmetry, depth, or screaming, do me a favor – close your eyes, and give it a few more listens.  It might just come together.

Song Rating – 8.4 / 10

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Metal Monday – Chaos Injected

Phil visited my house this weekend, claiming that I’m not giving him credit for his Metal Monday masterpieces.  But as I said in the first Metal Monday, I don’t write these articles.  I  edit them because, well, Phil is a terrible writer.  Phil does the leg work, including searching for these bands and tracks.  It’s a shame he uses clichés, incorrect grammar, and whacky punctuation.  So Phil mines the gold, and I polish it.  So thank Phil — this is his domain.

Here’s some good news:  Phil is starting to upload his findings on his YouTube channel.  He started off with the new In Flames CD and is awaiting Trivium’s release.  He has other songs on there that he claims can’t be found anywhere else on YouTube.  Check it out, and subscribe to his channel.  If you’re like me and need something to listen to at your computer, it’s convenient having a quality YouTube man.

I also want to say that if you have any suggestions or underground bands that you think Phil would like, you have a few ways to get those in.

You can contact Phil:

You can contact me:

OR, you can reply to a Metal Monday.


I found a band that’s flirting with promising music.  They call themselves Chaos Injected, and their stuff on YouTube is strictly demos and promos, with an album being released in the late fall.  They sound good as is – gotta love promising early roots – and I’m featuring their song Mindwreck.


Guitar riffs sound folk-ish and are accented by a softer chorus.  It amazes me how some bands can combine what would otherwise be “mean” sounding screams into something that can lull you to sleep.  Good drumming in this song too, but it’s not what gives it it’s unique touch.  They’re on my radar for future releases, and they should be on your’s too.

Epic Moments:

(0:36) – Catchy riff

(1:48) – Love the chorus

(2:50 – close) – Nice finish

Song Rating : 8.8 / 10


Metal Monday – Solitude

My selection last week in Trivium might have disappointed a few. Until then, most of the bands have been more underground on purpose – I want to expose you to some good stuff you wouldn’t find otherwise.

To rebound from Trivium, I swung as opposite as I could this week, and went with Solitude. In the song Under Fading Skies, they sport some powerful screams and vocals and blend them well with the drums and guitar. Vocals aren’t refined yet, but I love the controlled high pitched screams.


I’d like to see some more creativity in the future from this band. I think they have the talent to do something original, they just need to find themselves. That’s what Metal Monday is about though, discovering good bands that have the potential to explode. You’ll hear them here first, so keep stopping back and make sure you subscribe.

Epic Moments:

(0:22 – 1:00) — Good example of the vocal presence.

(2:35 – close) — Smooth breakdown and finish.

Song Rating – 8.2/10