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Why I’m not doing muscle-ups anymore (and my current training program)

This is a ‘lil thing about muscle-ups, but it’s not really about muscle-ups. You don’t have to be able to do muscle-ups to suckle the lesson outta’ this teet. Incentive to suckle: I’m attaching my current training program. The one I built in lieu of my now somewhat normal finger. You'll also learn the first [...]

Goals are good, but they aren’t enough. (Here’s the one other thing you need.)

Goals are childish. Important? Absolutely. But childish. Goals are one of the first things you’re asked about when you get into fitness. What are your goals? A construction worker might wanna’ get rid of chronic back pain and get lean. A new father might wanna’ barbell and bodyweight train for muscle in the most time [...]

General organism strength: the what and the why

Not all strength is equal. So... You can get stronger using a pec deck machine. You can get stronger using the bench press. You can get stronger using push-ups. You can build strength lots of ways, but the effects will vary pending what you've gotten stronger at. We're talking about strength because strength is good for physique and [...]

Strength + Performance + Physique … the beginning of a mental model

What I’m saying is: I’m eventually going to take a poop on machine training (and most mainstream ways of training). We start here though: You hear it all the time: Wanna’ become a better athlete? Get strong. Wanna’ built more muscle? Get strong. But what does it mean? “Get strong.” Let’s piece together this mental model [...]