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Use this simple training trick to build a better upper chest

Flat bench press is popular. Macho. Compare penis size. How much ya bench? But popular doesn't mean effective...or most effective Illusory effect: more we see, more we believe True...even if not True. Bench popular because powerlifting. For clarity's sake... Powerlifting: a sport where athletes compete in the (a) bench press, (b) squat, and (c) deadlift [...]

My friend asked me about back pain. Here’s my reply.

Last week a friend of mine texted me. He asked me about back pain. Said his friend was having lower back pain that crept into the hamstrings. Also said his nutsack felt weird. As with any injury, the logical thing to do = see a doctor to make sure you don’t have cancer or meningitis or [...]

Why you shouldn’t listen to your hunger

Yo yo yo.  I never was a multiple "yo" guy. One is fine. I like one. But I'm useless stringing together more. What about you?  Anywho... Ant here. Below is a snippet of second version of Big Win Fat Loss I'm working on. This is smack dab in a discussion about meal timing and meal [...]

Why I’m not doing muscle-ups anymore (and my current training program)

This is a ‘lil thing about muscle-ups, but it’s not really about muscle-ups. You don’t have to be able to do muscle-ups to suckle the lesson outta’ this teet. Incentive to suckle: I’m attaching my current training program. The one I built in lieu of my now somewhat normal finger. You'll also learn the first [...]