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What is intermittent fasting? Why has it become so popular?

It’s all the rage, this intermittent fasting thing. A lot of people want in, but they don’t know what they’re getting into. This will clear up some of the confusion. Filed under: nutrition.

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to change their behaviors. (And the simple fix.)

The reason people have such a hard time changing their behaviors has nothing to do with motivation or willpower. It has everything to do with not understanding behavioral psychology. Filed under: mindset and behaviors.

2 things every athlete with chronic knee pain (tendonitis, jumper’s knee, tracking problems) should know

I had knee pain as a teenager. Sixteen and already breaking down. What? How? I fought with this pain for a long time. I did a lot of things that were supposedly good for knee pain that made my knees even worse. Things were looking down. Until… Filed under: training and programming.

One of the biggest mistakes skinny-fat guys make when trying to lose fat

You’d think the key to fat loss would be finding ways to lose fat. But maybe there’s a better way. Filed under: skinny-fat secrets.

The second most important thing a skinny-fat guy can do to look better naked

I don’t have much to say about this one that the headline doesn’t already say. Filed under: skinny-fat secrets.

Use this counter cultural strategy to solve problems

When I’m hungover, I have one thought. And it’s the wrong thought to have. Yes, my drunkenness can be mildly informative. Take advantage. Filed under: decision making. 

Why healing an injury takes more than a phoenix down

You’re hurt and can’t work. Aflac? No. You can’t rely on resting and waiting around if you’re hurt. You have to take action. Filed under: training and programming. (This is an articool. Definition coming soon.)

This disease makes you vulnerable to fitness fads, gimmicks, and decision fatigue. (Don’t worry, the cure is inside.)

You have it. I have it. We all have it. Even if we know what it’s all about, we’re still vulnerable. Filed under: decision making. 

Are you a sucker for low food chain thinking? Why models are the most important thing you don’t have.

What would happen if you stopped believing in gravity? You’d do dumb things. When your world view aligns with the actual world, you’re in a better place. Too bad we have no idea what goes inside The Land of Bod, meaning we’re acting as if gravity didn’t exist. Filed under: philosophical vomit.

If you don’t have motivation, then you need this to help you get shit done (Part 2 of a series in progress)

Filed under: mindset and behaviors.

Want to get in shape, but having trouble getting motivated? Here’s what you need to know. (Part 1 of a series in progress)

Motivation is a hot topic. Everyone wants more motivation. But what if motivation is a myth…?  Filed under: mindset and behaviors.

What is skinny-fat syndrome? How do I know I’m skinny-fat?  

A lot of people email me wondering if they are skinny-fat. Hopefully this article answers some questions. Filed under: skinny-fat secrets.

Use this simple training trick to build a better upper chest

Sometimes the answer to a better physique is right in front of you, but culture and tradition blind you. Filed under: training and programming. (This is an articool. Definition coming soon.)

How to make hassle-free healthy french fries. (You can turn ’em into home fries, too.)

Eating potatoes to build a better physique? Sure. Here’s my favorite way to prepare them. Filed under: food and life.

The old archives

I’ve been writing for this website since 2010. In fall 2016, I wanted a fresh start. I archived the things I wrote prior to that point. Everything I’ve written since is in the feed above. There will be some broken links along the way.

Below are some articles that I got tired of working on, yet contain thoughts and ideas that are better off in the open…no matter how terribly written or edited they are.

Why machine training is bologna if you want to build muscle (Part 2 of 2)

Gravity and grandmas are the secret, but there’s more to the story of muscle mass. Why certain types of training won’t build muscle as effectively as others.

Why gravity and grandmas are the secret to building more muscle (Part 1 of 2)

A lot of people trying to build muscle don’t even consider why (or how) they have muscle in the first place. This takes a telescopic view of the phenomenon to decode how to build more muscle.

Can eating less make you gain weight? And damage your metabolism? (Part 2 of 2)

The energy balance story is popular, but does it really add up? Or is it an oversimplified version of something a lot more complex? And is the simplification hurting us?

How to lose weight eating Twinkies, Doritos and other assorted junk foods (Part 1 of 2)

It’s one of the most popular concepts: energy balance. Eat less than you burn, you lose. Eat more than you burn, you gain. But does this apply to junk food, even?