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i share things i’ve learned from my most terrible (and wonderful) escapades as a skinny-fat nerd trying to build a body that moves, feels, and thinks just as good as it looks.

and if you’re trying to become a better human being, trying to unlock the performance/physique/personal potential hiding inside of you —

then you’ll probably enjoy my weekly column, which you can get hand delivered to your inbox for the low price of free.

Alright, fine. I don’t hand deliver anything. I click some buttons and stuff happens. But it works. You get the thing.

it arrives every sunday, except the weeks i’m hungover. then it comes monday.

what i’m trying to say is that it comes monday.

now allow me to show you i’m not a total psychopath by pooling together some social proof like, say, the websites that i’ve written for

Anthony Mychal Publications

or some insanely kind words from the people i’ve befriended and worked with ~

steve kamb anthony mychal testimonialI’m a notorious hardgainer, and have been training for a decade, and was pretty set in my ways. Thanks to Anthony’s thoughtful training and his patience, I now feel like Wolverine. I’ve packed on a good 20 pounds of muscle and lost 5-10 pounds of fat. I’m stronger than ever, more flexible, and capable of doing some pretty incredible bodyweight maneuvers that I never though I’d be able to pull off. He’s also helped me drastically alter my mentality too.

Steve Kamb, NerdFitness.com


jujimufu anthony mychal testimonialAnthony is not just another writer who unnecessarily relishes in the technicals of physical culture just to win internet debate contests. He just wants people to feel better about what their physical capabilities are, and encourage them to do what they can do to be what they really want to be. And he’s got the experience to do a good job of that. I’ve always held Anthony in high regard and really value his friendship for these reasons among many more.

Jujumufu, Acrobolix.com