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Muscle. Movement. Mindset. Mastery.

Every Tuesday I send out a meaty little list of 5 things worth sharing that I think will help you look better (naked), move better (acrobatically), and think better (yes).

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Jujimufu of Acrobolix on Anthony MychalAnthony lives by something called passionate thinking. He’s not just another writer who unnecessarily relishes in the technicals of physical culture just to win internet debate contests. He’s not trying to be the next guru. He doesn’t strive to build a reader base for any utilitarian reason.

Anthony just wants people to feel better about what their physical capabilities are, and encourage them to do what they can do to be what they really want to be. And he’s got the experience to do a good job of that. I’ve always held Anthony in high regard and really value his friendship for these reasons among many more.

– Jujimufu,

Not ready for the whole email thing? That’s cool too. My writing spans years, 98% of which is available here for free via the blog. But you should start here.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find here…

I flip + fiddle with freestyle acrobatics. I flex + fidget with physique + barbell and bodyweight training. I philosophize about physical freedom + pilgrimage. I take half-naked pictures of myself. (Apparently.) I use alliteration like an ace. (Also apparent.)

Fell down this rabbit hole because I hated my skinny-fat body. Hated my love handles. My pipe cleaner arms. Cheerio wrists. My *gasp* moobs. (Real things.) Hated feeling fragile. I couldn’t do a push-up. Most of all, I hated that I hated myself.

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have good genetics. I’m just not built for this. Same things I used to think. I was a dude with a muffin top and moobs. Know what? I still think those things. I can wrap my fingers around my wrist, touching pinky finger to thumb.

But it’s not your place to worry about your genetics. A seed without sunlight and water won’t sprout; you can’t blame the seed. You don’t know your potential ahead of time. You discover your potential.

Wiggle your fingers. You just controlled over one hundred ligaments. Over thirty bones. Nearly fifty neuroelectrical wires capable of firing with the violence to choke…or the tenderness to tickle.

The human body—your body— is a creature > any machine. Even scientists don’t fully comprehend the thing. And even more? The human body you have is the only one you get. You have the power to change. To become the artist of your own body. To create your own instruction booklet. And doing this? It’s like playing the greatest video game of all time. (Better than Chrono Trigger, methinks.)

Interested in learning more about me? I spill some more beans here.