uses his limited knowledge from his most terrible escapades to help you build a body that looks seriously well built and is capable of doing insanely cool shit.

has a weekly column filled with his most recent cheat codes and field notes, where you can learn things like how he (a skinny-fat nerd) was able to build an athletic x-physique.

sends it every Sunday, unless he's hungover. Then it comes Monday. So. Um. Well. Uhh, expect it Monday.

has been told his stuff is life changing by some and “intellectual wankery” by others. Read it and decide for yourself.

has two options for those thinking, “My inbox is hell. I don't want your stupid emails. I'd rather just suck on your free web content like a leech.”



I hate you.

Just kidding.

You can leech.

But I'm making you scroll.

Because I can.

And I want to see how hard you'll work.


When did I switch to the first person?

That wasn't supposed to happen.



I post shitty first drafts of things I'm working on, in small segments — “chunks”



A little more formal.




I may or may not have dressed up as Super Saiyan 4 Goku. And I may or may not have appeared on the news as said Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

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