Anthony Mychal will help you build the body of your dreams. header image

Anthony Mychal will help you build the body of your dreams.

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Anthony Mychal


Get a free subscription to my Level Up Letter and learn how a self-taught skinny-fat geek like me was able to build an athletic/acrobatic x physique (in a garage gym)…and other things I’m learning and doing in order to build a body that thinks, feels, and moves just as good as it looks.

If you’re self-taught and flying solo (not Han), you have nothing to lose. Except maybe your love handles.

Jujimufu of Acrobolix on Anthony MychalAnthony lives by something called passionate thinking. He’s not just another writer who unnecessarily relishes in the technicals of physical culture just to win internet debate contests. He’s not trying to be the next guru. He doesn’t strive to build a reader base for any utilitarian reason.

Anthony just wants people to feel better about what their physical capabilities are, and encourage them to do what they can do to be what they really want to be. And he’s got the experience to do a good job of that. I’ve always held Anthony in high regard and really value his friendship for these reasons among many more.


P.S. In lieu of how serious I look in the pictures above, I’ve been told the .gif on this page makes people laugh. So if have a chuckle or two brewing inside of you, set it free.

P.P.S. I have a mustache.