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I'll teach you the blueprint that I used to beak skinny-fat syndrome and build and athletic "X" physique. Warning: You have to be willing to break the rules.

In the Athletic-Aesthetic Hybrid Blueprint Workbook, you can learn how to get an athletic “X” physique — even if you find muscle building impossible and fat gain inevitable. In fact, if that’s you, you need this. I’m a fellow skinny-fat sufferer myself; you’re in good hands.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Lesson One I dismantle the idea that all skinny guys are created equally. Some are prone to fat gain, and they have to play by different rules.
  • Lesson Two I trash the antiquated strategy of bulking and cutting to gain muscle. You can gain muscle without getting fat. (I eat white rice, Goku-style, to do this. I warned you about breaking rules, didn’t I?)
  • Lesson Three I tell you why you’re probably not building an “X” physique, even if you’re doing most things right. Then I give you my Eight Essential Exercises for the X Physique.
  • Lesson Four I give you three acro-athletic dominos to tip over to get an acro-athletic “X” physique. I also teach you a cool acrobatic party trick.
  • Lesson Five I reveal the a hidden (yet oh-so powerful) secret of success. It’s #1 in my book, and it has nothing to do with sets, reps, exercises, pills, supplements, or any of that junk.

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Want a sample? Here's a look into Lesson Three. Most days come with a learning video and a downloadable PDF.

(P.S. Some of the videos showcase my current training, with the audio overlaid on top. Figured you would enjoy it more than just staring at my face for minutes on end.)

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Jujimufu Tricks Tutorials Anthony Mychal“Anthony Mychal lives by something called passionate thinking. He’s not just another writer who unnecessarily relishes in the technicals of physical culture just to win internet debate contests. He’s not trying to be the next guru. He doesn’t strive to build a reader base for any utilitarian reason.

Anthony just wants people to feel better about what their physical capabilities are, and encourage them to do what they can do to be what they really want to be. And he’s got the experience to do a good job of that. I’ve always held Anthony in high regard and really value his friendship for these reasons among many more.”

- Jon Call “Jujimufu” of Tricks Tutorials

Nate Miyaki Anthony Mychal“Anthony is my bad ass brother from another mother. That’s really the best way I can sum up my feelings about him as both a writing and coaching colleague, and a fellow skinny-fat guy who has had to use science and strategy to achieve his athletic goals.

He is the new breed of fitness: for the guys and gals who want it all, who want to merge physique enhancement with athletic performance. Too many in our industry believe the myth that if you want to look awesome, you have to lose all athletic functioning. Or, if you want to perform well, you have to look like goblin. Leave that crap to the uninformed meatheads or the scientists who have never stepped foot inside a gym. Anthony’s hybrid approach can show you the true Way.”

- Nate Miyaki